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Mujjo iPhone 5 Wallet Case Review

Allow me introduce you to the beautiful iPhone 5 Wallet by Mujjo. This hand-crafted wallet sleeve is not only stylish and elegant, but its high-quality materials and practicality makes it a great companion for your iPhone 5.

Smaller Review—Batch Minify CSS and JavaScript

Smaller allows you to combine and minify files with a simple GUI and does all the command-line magic in the background for you. Minifying and compressing files are now simpler than ever with Smaller.

Compartments Review—Keep Track of Your Valuables

Compartments allows you keep track of your personal belongings, from electronics and gadgets to furniture and jewelry, to allow you to have a peace of mind in the event that, God forbid, someone were to disrupt your home and get a hold of your belongings.

Graft Concepts Leverage iPhone 4/4S Case Review

Today we’ll be taking a look at the Leverage iPhone 4/4S case by Graft Concepts, a case that adds minimal bulk while providing a stylish, sleek look without compromising on protection.

SGP Griff Leather Case for iPad 2 Review

Next in line is the SGP Griff Leather Case for the iPad 2. I ordered this badboy a week before I got my iPad 2 order in; I truly was excited about getting it.

SGP Just Leather Case for iPhone 4 Review

Today I’ll be reviewing SGP’s Just Leather Case for the iPhone 4. Although I’ve never been a huge fan of leather cases for the iPhone, the first impression was a good one, apart from the fact that SGP is one of the companies I trust the most when it comes to cell phone and tablet cases and screen protectors.

Take Your Files with You Where You Go with Dropbox

Sync your documents, photos, videos, etc. across multiple computers and also access your files on the go from your Android device, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, or the web with Dropbox.

BinaryAge TotalFinder—Add Tabs to Finder

If there is one feature missing from Mac OS, it’s tabs for Finder. Now you can easily reclaim the desktop space that your Finder windows once hogged up and also get more power and flexibility out of Finder by adding tags to Finder with TotalFinder.

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