I’m picky, and it’s hard to find cases I like enough to put on my iPhone. Well, I have one for you. Today we’ll be taking a look at the Leverage iPhone 4/4S case by Graft Concepts, a case that adds minimal bulk while providing a stylish, sleek look without compromising on protection.

When I received the package for the Leverage case, I was excited. I opened it up to see the beautiful case inside a clear, hard-plastic box. It was obvious that Graft Concepts had no intention of hiding the case underneath opaque packaging. They are proud of their workmanship, and it shows in the packaging of the case.


There are 2 words to describe the Leverage case: Beauty and precision.

Of both the white and black option, I got the black one. The case comes in 2 parts—(1) the bumper and (2) the optional backplate. The case, exclusing the lever, is made out of a hard polycarbonate with a soft, matte finish on it; I absolutely love the feel of the case. The material is extremely sturdy and does not flex or bend much like many silicone cases out there. The polycarbonate material will not stretch in time either, which is what I hate about most cases.

The lever is made out of metal with a beautiful finish on it; it is what makes the case so beautiful.

The optional backplate is thin, yet sturdy and is made out of the same material as the bumper. The outside of it has the same, soft, matte finish while the inside is glossy, but the inside is not intended for the public to see.

The case is extremely easy to put on. You properly fit the bumper around your phone, then latch it with the lever so the case fits snugly around your phone. With or without the backplate, the case, when latched, fits firmly around your phone; it is not loose. Your phone will not slip out of the bumper.

If you would like to add protection to the back of your phone, you can use the optional backplate. With or without the backplate, the phone looks beautiful. The backplate comes with a cutout just big enough so they won’t get in the way of the camera and flash.

I must say, nothing against the Leverage case itself, I don’t like cutouts. It’s slightly more difficult to adjust your volume or access your mute switch, but don’t get me wrong, by no means would I say this case is bulky. At least for the volume buttons, I wish Graft Concepts would have integrated volume buttons into the design of the case, leaving only a cutout for the mute switch.

The charging, speaker, and microphone holes are cut out precisely and match exactly. It is nice because these cutouts are flush, but you won’t be able to use just any dock connector cable. Same with the headphone cutout.


Keep in mind that this is a bumper with a backplate; therefore, if you are looking for military-like protection, this is not the case you want. However, with the optional backplate, it provides protection all around except the front with only adding minimal bulk

Because it is a bumper-style case, I recommend you get a front and back protector (front only if you decide to use the backplate). I haven’t dropped my phone with this case, but if I did, I’m sure that the case will protect my phone just fine.



After using the Leverage case for at least a month, I was extremely impressed by the case. My phone also got a lot of stares and attention. People would often ask me what kind of case I had on and where I got it from.

In spite of the price tag of $49.95, this case is definitely a worthwhile addition to your phone if you’re looking for a bumper-style case. It would be nice if it included a front screen protector.

For the longest time, the Leverage case was sold out, but now all the options are back in stock. This case also comes in white. Head on over to www.graftconcepts.com for more information or to order the Leverage case.


  • Beautiful, precise design.
  • Minimal bulk for good protection.
  • Optional backplate for added protection.


  • Lint and dust tend to get trapped under the latch.
  • Need to purchase additional protection for the screen for maximum protection.