Slow Down—You Need It

Workaholism is too often synonymized with productivity when it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Ugmonk Waxed Canvas Messenger Bag Review

I spent several weeks of scouring the web and reading gobs of sites and reviews in search for the right laptop messenger bag before pulling the trigger on the Ugmonk Messenger Bag. After 4 months of using it daily and putting it through its paces, I’m here to tell you that it was worth the investment.

Integrating React with gulp

Note: This post was updated to (1) accommodate the change in React 0.14 where they split up React into a core library and a DOM adapter (ReactDOM) and (2) remove Bower in favor of npm.

I’ve been learning React, a JavaScript library by Facebook for building user interfaces, for the past few days during my commute—it’s been challenging, but a lot of fun. After a couple of days of learning the basics (reading their Getting Started introduction to React and following their tutorial), I reconfigured my gulpfile.js to include React in my local development environment.

Responsive Typography with Sass Maps

Managing consistent, typographic rhythm isn’t easy, but when the type is responsive, it makes things even more difficult. Fortunately Sass maps can help make responsive typography much more manageable.

August Connect Review

August Connect is a device that allows you to remotely connect to and control the August Smart Lock. It bridges your Wi-Fi connection and August Smart Lock’s Bluetooth connection. Without it, you can only connect to the August Smart Lock via Bluetooth. I’ve been using the August Connect with my August Smart Lock for 3 months now, and here’s my review.

Need for Speed 2: Improving Front-End Performance

Last year I wrote a post, Need for Speed, where I shared my workflows and techniques along with the tools involved in the development of my site. Since then my site has gone through another redesign, and although I made various workflow and server-side improvements, I gave front-end performance extra attention. Here’s what I did, why I did it, and the tools I used to optimize front-end performance on my site.

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Search Results Update

Back in February 2015, Google announced that starting April 21 it would be expanding its use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. Today is April 21. Here’s some important information on the change and how it could affect your search experience as well as sites you own or manage.

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