Next in line is the SGP Griff Leather Case for the iPad 2 ($49.99). I ordered this badboy a week before I got my iPad 2 order in; I truly was excited about getting it. Looked at a dozen portfolio and leather case choices and finally nailed it down to the Griff, which probably was the best choice for what I was looking for–leather, sleek, and slim. Let’s get down to it.

Let’s start with the packaging. The Griff was neatly and securely packaged in a thick, plastic folder-like packaging. I’ve taken note after several purchases from SGP that they take their packaging seriously. It may be just me, but I feel the presentation and packaging of the product is extremely important, especially as a first impression when consumers glance at the product before even making the decision to pick it up.

When I pulled it out, I could see and feel the craftsmanship. The leather was very soft and had a nice texture to it; what you would want when you handling something. The inside was padded in a soft, micro fiber. It gave me peace of mind knowing that the micro fiber would not scratch or scar the iPad’s back 2 as I carry it around in this case. It was a shame that no one would be able to see the lining once I put the case on.

Putting the case on was a piece of cake. It was not difficult to get the corners snugly fit; it was not loose nor did I have to fight with the case. The corners are snug, the case is sturdy, and the iPad does not move around in the case.

The cutout for the buttons on the side and on top for the power are about perfect, making them easily accessible without any trouble. The cutout for the camera is also accurate so there would be no obstruction when taking pictures.

One small suggestion would be slightly more room above the holes/jacks (from the view above) to allow for slightly larger, third-party cables (although I only own Apple cables, which doesn’t cause me any problems). I could imagine someone owning a pair of third-party headphones that wouldn’t properly fit all the way.

One of my favorite parts is the protection for the speakers, which a lot of cases I’ve looked at lack or don’t do a very good job protecting it. I just love the elegant look of it.

All in all, although I felt the $49.99 was a bit high, I was and still am very happy with the product. Best of all, it is the best companion for the Apple Smart Cover (I purchased the black leather one). Together, it gives my iPad 2 a very professional, portfolio look without adding the bulk of a majority of the portfolio/leather covers out there. A very solid product by SGP; probably my favorite purchases.

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