Today I’ll be reviewing SGP’s Just Leather Case for the iPhone 4 ($34.99). Although I’ve never been a huge fan of leather cases for the iPhone, the first impression was a good one, apart from the fact that SGP is one of the companies I trust the most when it comes to cell phone and tablet cases and screen protectors.

When I opened the box the case was shipped in, I was taken away; the case was packaged beautifully. A packaging that would make most anyone at least want to take a glance at what’s inside. It was evident SGP was meticulous in the packaging of this product, if not the rest of their products. The brown is a pretty, dark, smooth brown; like dark chocolate.

The feel of the leather wasn’t quite what I was expecting. It was a bit rougher and tougher than I had initially expected; would have expected a slightly smoother, softer leather. The inside of the case was not smooth like the outside. It’s a slightly rough-textured leather, especially the parts that covers the left and right edges of the phone. I would have expected a softer, maybe matted or rubberized inside.

When I put the case on, it seemed to fit fairly snugly around the phone. Although just slightly loose, I would feel pretty safe carrying the phone around in this case. I would just worry slightly about the lack of protection on the top and bottom front edges of the phone.

The cutout of the volume up and down buttons were rather precise. However the cutout for the mute button were not as accurate; however, I do own the Verizon iPhone 4 (CDMA). Looking at the location of the cutout, it would fit much better for the AT&T iPhone 4 (GSM). The cutout on the back for the camera was accurately placed as well.

My overall impression of the Just Leather case for the iPhone 4 was positive. The packaging, color, fairly snug fit, and rather accurate cutouts; however, my only opposing factor would be the texture and material used, especially the inside that gets direct contact with the phone. Though I feel that the $34.99 is a tad bit on the high side, I feel that for those that would be carrying their phones in a purse, bag, or a pocket with nothing else in it, it would be a good choice.

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