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Slow Down—You Need It

Workaholism is too often synonymized with productivity when it couldn’t be further from the truth.

2014 Year in Review

From our new daughter, one year at my new job, and my spiritual growth to learning and giving back as a developer, 2014 has been a full, enlightening year. As the year closes, I want to take time to pause, reflect upon, and be thankful for some of its moments.

Father Forgets

While reading How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie, I came across a piece, Father Forgets by W. Livingston Larned, and it struck me like a hammer.

Boring on Purpose

Today’s culture is intensely interested in and infatuated with the lives of others. With the Internet and social, it takes little effort to find out and keep up with what’s going on around us. Technology is amazing, and I’m thankful it allows us to be and stay connected, but be careful.

New Digital Home

Welcome to my newly built, digital home. It’s taken me several months to get to this point, and although it’s far from complete, I’m ready to take the covers off and unveil it to you. So without further ado, TA-DA!

Stop Talking. Start Listening. For Real

True listeners are learners. There’s a wealth of knowledge to be learned, but the problem is we’re too busy talking or waiting for our chance to talk.

Do Notifications Own You?

Your time is valuable. Stop letting distractions take away from your time. Give more quality time and get more done by taking control and managing these distractions.

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