Ever worry about carrying around or losing your USB flash drive? Dropbox is a great tool to sync your documents, photos, videos, etc. across multiple computers and also allows you to access your files on the go from your Android device, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, or the web.

Taking files with you everywhere you go has never been easier and simpler than with Dropbox.

Dropbox, once installed, creates a folder on your computer. Any files you put into this folder will immediately be available on the other computers you have Dropbox installed. In addition, because these files are backed up on Dropbox’s cloud storage, these files are also accessible on your mobile devices with the proper app and also on the web.


Dropbox provides 3 types of plans:

  • Basic - 2GB, Free
  • Pro 50 - 50GB, $9.99/month or $99/year
  • Pro 100 - 100GB, $19.99/month or $199/year

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Dropbox comes packed and loaded with features!

Compatibility. Finding the right tool and system to synchronize your files can be difficult because of the compatibility issues. However, Dropbox is one of the most compatible systems available out there.

  • Compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.
  • Apps for Android devices, the iPhone, the iPad, and BlackBerry.
  • Accessible on the web by your favorite browser and mobile device.

File sync. Dropbox syncs any types of files of any size. New files and file changes are automatically detected and synchronized.

Offline access. Dropbox doesn’t require you to be online to access your files on your computer. Changes and new files will be automatically synchronized when an internet connection is detected.

File sharing. You can share folders within Dropbox with other users that have Dropbox. All you need to know is his/her e-mail address and invite him/her to the folder of your choosing to give him/her access to the folder. You will also be able to remove users from folders you no longer want to give access to.

There is also a Public folder that anyone can access.

Notifications. When a file is changed, added, or removed, Dropbox provides desktop notifications to let you know what’s going on.

Online management. Keep track of how much space you have used and have left.

You can link computers and devices to your Dropbox account by installing and signing into Dropbox. You can choose to unlink a device by logging onto the Dropbox website.

Security and privacy. Dropbox takes priority in the security and privacy of your files. Dropbox’s servers are inaccessible without your account password and are encrypted (AES-256).

History, undelete, and restore. Logging onto Dropbox online provides you with access to the history of your Dropbox account (new files, changed files, deleted files).

Dropbox gives you 30 days of undelete history for files that have been deleted and file restores for previous file versions.

Apps. Dropbox provides mobile access to your Android device, iPhone, iPad, and BlackBerry.

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