In line for review is the Lexx leather wallet case for the iPhone 5/5s by Vaultskin. I’ll be honest—I’ve never been a fan of wallet cases, but I took this one for a run with me for a couple of weeks. I can say I was pleased.


The packaging isn’t lackluster. It’d be nice to see an open slot in the packaging so one could see the case at a glance, even feel the leather, rather than having to open it.

Design and Craftsmanship

The leather on the Lexx is quite nice and doesn’t feel cheap—I really like the feel of it. It also has a slight, glossy shine on it.

The Lexx features a subtle imprint of the Vaultskin logo on the leather. It’s subtle enough where it can be noticed but doesn’t take away from the design or beauty of it. The stitching is well done—it is nice and tight.

There’s a more prominent Vaultskin logo on the inside of the shell, which would be hidden once your phone is in.


The wallet flap allows you to easily access the contents of the wallet. A magnet located at the top of the flap keeps the contents of your wallet from falling out.

The packaging states that it holds up to 8 cards and cash. I was able to squeeze in 9 random cards before the magnet failed to hold the flap down. However, I wouldn’t trust it with 8 or 9—I personally only keep 5 or 6 in, just in case.

There’s an additional pocket on the outside for frequently-used items. However, it’s tough to get 2 cards in (and when I do, it’s tough to get them out), so I use it for items that aren’t as wide, like folded-up cash or my train ticket. It probably just needs broken-in more.

Access to the power button, volume toggles, mute switch, and auxiliary port are provided by large cut outs, making them easily accessible.

The cutout for the camera is just wide enough where it does not get in the way while taking pictures.


The Lexx has a protective shell for your iPhone and the wallet is attached to the back of it. The inside of the shell is coated with a soft, rubber-like material to prevent the shell from scratching your phone.

There is no flap to protect the front of your phone, but the edges of the shell extend out just enough that when you put your iPhone face down, the screen will not touch the surface it’s laying on.

I have yet to drop my phone with the Lexx, but I’d think as long as it falls with the wallet-side down, you should be OK; however, face first, I’m not too sure…


The Lexx costs £39.95 ($64.00).
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The leather is quite nice and the protective shell for your iPhone rather than a pouch is nice.


After using it daily for two weeks, I’ve grown to really like the Lexx. I like that it’s slim enough where it doesn’t feel awkward or uncomfortable in my pocket and that the phone sits in a protective shell rather than a pouch (pulling your phone in an out of a pouch gets annoying, especially if you use your phone a lot).

For anyone looking for a slim, functional, leather wallet case for your iPhone 5/5s, I’d recommend the Lexx.

You can order your Lexx in black or dark brown from