If you’re looking for a sleeve for your 13” MacBook, you may want to consider the Folio Sleeve by Mujjo—not only does it protect your MacBook from the perils of the outside world, but it’s also a thing of beauty.

Design and Craftsmanship

It’s obvious that a lot of thought was put into the design and details of the Folio Sleeve. The sleeve is absolutely beautiful.

I especially love the dual-tone contrast of the vegetable-tanned leather and light grey felt. The leather and felt are made of high-quality materials, and it’s noticeable the moment you handle it.

The stitches are well done, and the materials are tightly stitched together. The zipper has 2 zipper pulls, which also have leather straps attached to the ends of them—the straps add a nice touch to its elegance.

There’s also subtle but beautiful branding on the leather-side of the sleeve. On it, “Mujjo” is inscribed.

Keep in mind that the leather will scratch, but that’s what I’ve learned to love about leather. As you use it, the scratches and natural patina will give the Folio Sleeve age, and with age come authenticity and beauty.


The Folio Sleeve is just big enough for a 13” MacBook Pro. It fits pretty snugly inside of the sleeve but not too tightly. The zipper opens and closes in an L-shape, which allows you to easily and convenienly put in or take out your MacBook.

The inside features 2 compartments on one side for documents and accessories while the other side has 2 slots, one big enough for a credit card and another for an SD card.

Most of the time the sleeve lives in my bookbag, but occasionally I’ll carry it under my arms. There’s a subtle, yet functional curve, lined with felt even on the leather side, which serves as a nice spot for your hand to grip the sleeve.


The Folio Sleeve is just big enough for a 13” MacBook Pro. It’ll fit snugly inside of the sleeve—Once the zipper is closed, it won’t rattle or bounce around.

The zipper allows the sleeve to close completely and will keep your MacBook out of harms way. The alloy zipper provides a tight, secure close and seems very durable. The inside is lined in soft, high-quality felt, which will keep your MacBook from getting scratched.

The felt lining is treated with water repellent as well as an anti-peeling solution.


The Folio Sleeve by Mujjo is not only a beautiful work-of-art, but it’s extremely functional, and I’ve grown to really love it. The high-quality materials and build indicate that it’s built to last.

Mujjo delivers some of the most beautiful, highest-quality products and they delivered again with the Folio Sleeve. I own several of their products, and I find myself always going back to Mujjo.

The sleeve will set you back $88.77 (€66.07) + shipping. I wouldn’t consider it cheap, but it’s a price I would expect from a product of this caliber.

To order or for more information on the Folio Sleeve, check out mujjo.com.