I know what you’re thinking… “Another ‘best applications for Macs article!?” If you were thinking that, I apologize but the answer is, yes. I have read tons of articles and tested over a hundred different apps for Macs. Although you’ll get dozens of different opinions and hundreds of different app suggestions from various articles throughout the net, I would like to share my personal list. However, this article is strictly based on my personal experience with these apps and not from suggestions from other websites–I use these apps myself on a daily basis.

12. AppCleaner

Cost: Free
When you delete an application from your /Applications/ folder, most of the time remnants of that file are left behind in your /Library/ folder; however, AppCleaner will thoroughly uninstall any unwanted applications, keeping your computer junk and clutter free!

11. WriteRoom

Cost: $24.99
WriteRoom removes distractions from your screen by giving you a full-screen writing experience by blacking out everything else; this allows you to focus on what you are writing rather than being distracted by other programs and icons on your screen.

10. CrossOver Mac

Cost: $39.95 (Free 30-day trial)
CrossOver Mac allows you to seamlessly run various Windows applications on your Mac. You don’t have to run virtual desktop software, boot your Mac in a separate Windows partition, or even buying a Windows license!

9. 1Password

Cost: $39.95 (Free trial)
1Password stores, organizes, and manages all your passwords so you never need to remember a password again! You can also take your passwords with you with the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad app!

8. TextMate

Cost: Free
Whether you’re a programmer, designer, or web developer, TextMate is the friendliest, most versatile text editor I’ve ever come across–makes coding a piece of cake!

7. Transmit

Cost: $34 (Free 7-day trial)
Transmit makes transferring files, whether it’s to an FTP or SFTP server, to the cloud using Amazon S3, or using WebDAV, simple, easy, and lightning fast! You can even mount your server/cloud to Finder even if Transmit is not running.

6. VLC Media Player

Cost: Free
With VLC Media Player, you never have to worry about codecs when watching a video or movie. It also is very friendly with subtitle files. Did I mention, that you never have to worry about codecs again?

5. Dropbox

Cost: Free
Synchronize the files you want with all your computers and even take the files with you wherever you go with Dropbox! With support for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and even web, iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad and Android support, you can access your files anywhere!

4. Things

Cost: $49.95 (Free trial)
Organize and prioritize your busy, crazy schedule and to-dos with Things. With support for the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad, you can take Things with you wherever you go so you never miss a beat or a project deadline!

3. Caffeine

Cost: Free
The last thing you want when you’re pulling an all-nighter is your computer falling asleep on you at 3 in the morning. Keep your computer from falling asleep, dimming, or starting a screen saver with Caffeine!

2. QuickSilver

Cost: Free
Quicksilver allows you to start a program, perform a search, or open up a folder in just a few keystrokes! Quicksilver saves you the time you waste opening up Finder and navigating to the file or folder you want.

1. TotalFinder

Cost: $18
Sick and tired of your screen being cluttered with Finder windows? Never again do you need to have more than 1 finder window open! TotalFinder adds tabs to Finder, giving your screen more room for other windows.

Have you tried any other apps that have made your work more efficient, your time on the computer more productive, or even saved your life? I’d love to hear your suggestions!