Warning: If you don’t want to be inspired, if you don’t want to be compelled to jump out of your seat and do or create something, if you’re content with where you are and where you’re headed, do not read this book.

I felt compelled to read—I wanted a good read, but something short and sweet. Execute was mentioned in my Twitter feed a few times over that past week, so I went ahead and bought myself a copy.

I started the book as I was waiting for a church service to begin. Just 10-pages in, my mind went wild–about the same time the world was going crazy with the announcement of Google discontinuing Google Reader. Later that evening, I continued reading. Unable to put the book down, I finished it in one night.

Reading Execute felt a little like mining without the physical labor—I walked away with loads of gems. It talks about the importance of acting on our ideas immediately, staying inspired and pushing through when the going gets tough, and shipping. Josh Long narrates to give us a glimpse into the process and mind of Drew Wilson as he starts from idea to shipment. Although this book talks about digital products and processes, the principles can be applied to any line of work.

2) Inspiration is the single most powerful source of energy a creative professional has. 3) Execution means acting immediately on inspiration and planning as you build.


I enjoy reading, but I have difficulty reading books with lengthy chapters (Ok, I really hate long chapters). Execute is broken up in 5 parts: 1) Purpose, 2) Inspiration, 3) Philosophy, 4) Process, and 5) Execution. Each part is broken up into 4 mini-chapters so getting through a chapter or part is not grueling. The structure of the book makes it easy to absorb the content from each chapter before moving on to the next.

The clarity, simplicity and conciseness of Josh’s writing makes reading this book enjoyable and almost liberating, and the practical advice Drew gives is valuable. As both a designer and developer, I especially enjoyed the segment where Drew’s process was broken down.

Execute is one of those books that should be read a few times a year–it’s that good and inspiring. It has tremendous value and is worth your investment.

Purchase your hardcover copy ($29) or eBook ($15) of Execute.