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I’ve followed and admired Brian Hoff for years—when I had this chance to work with him, I was beyond thrilled. I worked with Brian to announce TwoPlease, a side project that he and his wife, Kathleen, had been working together on.

He was in need of a landing page for TwoPlease that would describe the purpose and intentions behind it as well as communicate his desire to find back-end and iOS engineers interested in joining him and Kathleen on this venture.

Nearly complete with the design, Brian reached out to see if I was available to help him build out this page.

MacBook Pro

Although the page was designed for desktop screens, it was developed to be fully responsive, allowing it to seamlessly transition from mobile, to tablet, to desktop.

Certain elements and parts of the page were brought to life with subtle but lively animations and interactions.


“We’re building a product that helps you and your local communities eat well, connect through food, and save money – while alleviating a global issue.”

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2


Jonathan’s a true ‘gent with great attention to detail. TwoPlease was quite pleased with the amazing results.

—Brian Hoff

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