It all began with hunger

One hungry afternoon my coworkers and I were trying to decide where to eat for lunch. It took us at least 15 minutes of throwing around a dozen places only to result in being unable to choose where before we finally ended up eating. I thought to myself, “There’s gotta be an easier way”—that’s when I thought up Foodize.


Fully responsive

It was important to make Foodize accessible on a variety of devices and screen sizes. I designed for mobile, then scaled up to fit desktop.


Add Foodize to the homescreen for easy access—it also runs like a native app.


A guide to learning CSS grid layout.

Learn CSS Grid

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Tasty CSS-animated hamburger icons.


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Digital strategy, creative + development, and social.

Juice Interactive

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A smarter solution for business-class data & security.


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Helping local communities connect, eat well & save money.


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Created for ministries to fill a need.

JS Bible

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Designed to love, strengthen, and encourage.

Psalms CD

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