The need

Churches and individuals have approached or contacted me about how they could have the same Bible widget that I developed for They were looking for a relatively easy way to embed the Bible on their ministry website.

My first implementation required a database, and although I open-sourced it, many of these individuals have very little HTML experience let alone database experience—That was a major problem.

I got tired of always giving them a solution that was too difficult for them to implement, so while the idea was hot on my mind, I quickly moved to search for an alternate.

jQuery + Biblia

To eliminate the database-dependency variable, I needed an alternative. I quickly searched for a reliable and fast Bible text API that ideally supported JSON. I landed on LogosBiblia API service.

It had been a while since I’d developed a jQuery plugin so I had to look through a few jQuery boilerplate examples and shake some dust off before starting the build.

The website

I created a landing page to house the information, basic documentation, a working demo, and a link to download the source files.

Open Source

JS Bible was created to fill a need; therefore, I felt it was only fitting I open-source it by making it available on Github for your forking pleasure.

Fork it on Github

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